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Visitors from Indiana University

Students from Indiana University South Bend visited Hólar University for a week during their Study Abroad course focused on Sustainability. The two major learning objectives of their work was to
(1) gain a deeper understanding of sustainable practices occurring in both the US and in Iceland and
(2) find their voice within chosen professions represented by students’ majors to act/speak on behalf of conservation and sustainability efforts.
The instructors of the group were Brenda Borntrager (Geology Professor) and Terri Hebert (Study Abroad/Sustainability and Education Professor) who organized the stay in collaboration with Hólar University.
Insight into the positive impression of their work in Hólar is best described with their own words:
"Pictures speak a thousand words, but there are no words or images to describe the mountains and valleys of Holar. Truly, a majestic experience and connection to nature."
"Your voice is bigger than the mountains…you just have to find it!"
"This place does feel like a different planet and I’m absolutely in love!"
"Being here is healing. I feel like I can breathe easier and everywhere I look there’s something new to explore. I feel like you could live here for 1000 years and still find something amazing and new every day." 
"Sustainability is a global issue that requires local interventions."
"Took a short hike behind the college and discovered a small valley with an amazing view of the surrounding mountains. It was a great feeling of awe that I had this place all to myself."
Erla Björk Örnólfsdóttir
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