Visiting Academics from UNB, Saint John

This fall, Dr. Keith Dewar and Wanmei Li have been visiting academics at the Department of Rural Tourism (DRT) at Hólar University College. The two are employed at the University of New Brunswick in Canada, where they are stationed at its St John campus. Since participating in the 2013 North Atlantic Forum conference at Hólar, the couple felt compelled to return here. The opportunity arrived when Dr. Dewar went on sabbatical.
Dewar and Li are both members of the Hospitality and Tourism Program in the Faculty of Business Administration in the University of New Brunswick at Saint John. Dewar is a geographer with a specialty in environmental studies, while Li has background in civil engineering, urban planning and tourism. Both Dewar and Li have conducted research in Canada and China. Their research interests include sustainable and environmental management, heritage management, and visual literacy and image analysis studies, rural and urban tourism, as well as culinary tourism.
During their visit, Dewar and Li have actively participated in the daily life in Hólar. Dewar has volunteered in the cathedral in Hólar, giving tours in exchange for tourist information, perceptions and views. Their research has been focused on Hólar as a tourism destination, as well as visitors’ perceptions of the place. Before leaving, Dewar and Li gave a final open presentation in the seminar series Vísindi og grautur.
Laufey Haraldsdóttir
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