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Published Chapter

Recently, Amy Sävener who served as an assistant professor at HUC's Department of Tourism, and her co-writer, Alexia Franzidis (of University of North Carolina in Wilmington) got their chapter An Autoethnical Reflection: Western Elitism in Late Capitalism published, in the latest edition of Emerald Publishing Ltd's Tourism Social Science Series (volume 24). This volume's title is Authenticity & Tourism: Materialities, Perceptions, Experiences, editors Jillian M. Rickly and Elizabeth S. Vidon.

Chapter Abstract:

"As tourism numbers continue to explode globally due to burgeoning middle class incomes in Asia as well as continually more fluid international communication technologies and transport, tourism scholars scramble to keep up with outmoded theory grounded in Western continental philosophy. A Western “traveler” often considers her/himself elite and even superior to mass tourists. “Travelers” seek alternative experiences in authentic spaces. In an effort to understand this market, tourism scholars have spent almost half of a century defining and characterizing the pursuit of authenticity; yet this scholarship has been homogeneously Western. In this chapter, we take a giant step back to question what provokes Western tourists to seek authenticity – and puzzle those who do not".

Further information on the publisher's website.

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