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Programs of Study

A B.Sc. in Riding & Riding Instructions (180 ECTS). The main obejective of the studies is to provide students with theoretical and applied knowledge as well as practical skills in riding instructions and training the Icelandic horse. Students are introduced to essential pedagogical and educational theories as well as basic methodology and scientific work methods. Topics covered include the biology, nature and behaviour of horses. Students learn about training and feeding horses, in theory and by practical exercises. This together forms the foundation on which specialised teaching of riding and practical horse training are built. The emphasis is both on theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Upon graduation students should be competent in jobs related to riding instructions and horse training at different stages as well as participating in riding competitions and shows. Furthermore students should have obtained sound scientific skills and thus be prepared for participation in research projects and for further studies in the field of horse training and riding instructions.

A Diploma in Horse Training (120 ECTS). The first three terms are identical to those of the B.Sc. programme  (see above) but the 4th and final term is spent at a horse training station, under the supervision of a qualified horse trainer.

The student can opt to take only the 1st year of the above studies, thus graduating with a (60 ECTS) Diploma in Riding & Riding Instructions.


A brief introduction to our studies, in pdf-format.


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