Programmes of Study

Currently the department offers two main degrees:
A Diploma in Aquaculture on the first higher education level. The diploma is directly connected to the Aquaculture industry and is taught both on site at Verið and via distance education, with some on site participation. The study is composed of a number of short courses (2 - 4 weeks) with only one course being taught at any one time, and finally a full-term practicum at a fully functioning aquaculture company.
A research based M.Sc. in Aquatic Biology where students work on a large research project, externally funded, under the supervision of a teacher of the department.
In addition, postgraduate students of partner institutions have been able to conduct some of their research at Hólar, or fulfill their internship requirements, under the supervision of the department staff.
Prospective PhD students, wishing to conduct some or all of their studies/research at HUC, should refer to this information sheet.
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