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Kera Kreiling

Email: kreiling (at)

Advisors: Bjarni Kristófer Kristjánsson, Jón S. Ólafsson (Veiðimálastofnun), Árni Einarsson (Náttúrurannsóknastöðin við Mývatn & Háskóli Íslands)

Previous education:

Dipl. in Biology - Evolutionary Biology and Behavioural Ecology (2013) Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany


I am interested in biodiversity and taxonomy, as well as in behavioural and morphological adaptations of organisms to a given habitat. During my Diploma studies in Freiburg (Germany) I focused on beetles, working for example as a research assistant in Prof. Dr. Klaus Peschke’s research group with the rove beetle Aleochara curtula regarding mate guarding strategy and associated gland secretions. In my Diploma thesis, I studied the effect of asynchronous egg laying on parental care in the carrion beetle Nicrophorus vespilloides in the lab of Prof.Dr. Josef Müller.

During a research stay in Andasibe, Madagascar, from January to June 2014, I monitored the beetle fauna of Analamazaotra forest with focus on carrion feeding beetles.

I first came to Iceland during an ERASMUS scholarship at Háskóli Íslands in 2012. In summer 2013 I came back for an internship at Náttúrurannsóknastöðin við Mývatn where I was helping with the ongoing monitoring of population densities of Chironomidae and Simuliidae.

In my current PhD project, I will analyze macroinvertebrate community structure and food web chains in freshwater springs in Iceland using a biogeographical approach. Emphasies lies in studying organisms living in the ecotone of the surface water – groundwater transition.

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