Hólae well presented at the KS Equine Masters Competition

The annual KS Masters Cup Series of Indoor Equine Sports Competitons started on February 22nd with 21 riders competing in four-gait.

The riders represented a total of seven teams, of four or five people each. For each individual competition, three riders of each team will take part. And it could well be argued that Hólar is well represented, as every team boosts at least two of our students or alumni and a number of our Equine Department staff are taking part, including this (and last) year's winner in four-gait, Artemisia Bertus with Korgur frá Ingólfshvoli. (The photo of Artemisia and Korgur is courtesy of the KS Masters Cup Facebook).

The competitions are broadcast (live stream), with Elisabeth Jansen - another Hólar staff member - acting as commentator, in English. Next in the series will be five-gait, on Wednesday March 8th, starting at 19:00 GMT.



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