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Answers to some frequently asked questions regarding studies in the department

How does one apply?

Applications are online, via our website. We open for applications in early March each year, and close in the beginning of June.

What are the admission requirements for study?

Firstly, studies at Hólar University College are at university level (tertiary level) and thus having passed a matriculation examination (studentereksamen, Abitur) or the equivalent is required. 
Secondly, speaking  Icelandic fairly fluently (or at least understanding spoken Icelandic). 
Thirdly, all applicants must pass an entrance test in riding. 

Where and when is the entrance test in riding? How does one apply for that?

The entrance tests are held on campus in June (or possibly May) each year. Formally, they are set for week 24 (or weeks 23 - 25) and most are taken then, but early birds may be offered to take the test sooner, in late May.
One does not apply for the test as such. Test times are allocated to those applicants who fulfill other requirements. It is not possible to take the test anywhere else.

Do applicants have to bring a horse for the test?

No, the college supplies all the horses. The applicants only need to show up in their riding clothes - and don't forget the helmets.

What does the test involve?

The test is described here, for the time being only in Icelandic, but an English translation is pending.

Is speaking Icelandic necessary or are the programs offered in English, too?

We do not offer any programs that are taught in English. Speaking Icelandic relatively fluently is a prerequsite for applying and this is checked along with the entrance test in riding. Thus we recommend spending some time in Iceland before applying, e.g. at a training station or a farm.
International students are allowed to write their exams in English, at least during the first term.
And, in general, most textbooks are in English.

Are all horses needed for the programs provided by the college or do students have to bring their own?

Many of the horses are provided by the college. The students must bring their own (or borrowed) horses for their 2nd term (spring term in the 1st year), and two for the final (3rd) year - one for both terms and another for the spring term only.

How much do the studies cost?

Hólar University College is a public university and, as such, does not charge tuition fees. The only payment charged directly by HUC is the annual registration fee (in 2016 this is ISK 75,000). 

However, the students must pay for the keep of their own horses (as above) in the Hólar Stables. During the academic year of 2015 - 2016 the price for this is ISK 33,000 pr horse pr month. 

There are also some textbooks to buy, and the students bring their own riding and training gear. This must be bought in Iceland or imported as new (see MAST regulations).

Which equipment is required?

The list is here (in Icelandic only).

What about insurance?

The college does not insure the students or their horses, against potential injuries. All students are required to get their own insurance but it is up to them to buy insurance for their horses.

Is student housing provided?

There is a variety of student lodgings of different sizes available on campus. The Student Apartments are run as an independent unit. Their information page is to be found at the Hólar website, including a price list (verðskrá, at the bottom).

What about food?

The student flats are all equipped with a kitchen. The nearest shops for supplies are in Sauðárkrókur and Hofsós. If they wish to do so, all staff and students can buy their lunch in the college canteen (run by Hólar Tourism Services).


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