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Guðrún Helgadóttir
Guðrún Helgadóttir professor, divides her time between the Department of Rural Tourism and Telemark University College in Norway. She does research mainly on horse tourism as a cultural phenomenon and intangible heritage.
Laufey is the head of Department as well as an Assistant Professor. Her primary research interests are in food and tourism, rural tourism, and culture and tourism.
Kjartan Bollason
Kjartan is an Assistant Professor in the Department. He has managed projects on product development in nature-based tourism, capacity building and running of eco-certification systems for tourism in Iceland. He currently teaches issues regarding sustainability and tourism, such as the role of guiding and trail management.
Evelyn Ýr KuhneEvelyn Ýr Kuhne
Evelyn is a tour guide who runs a successful horse tourism business in the local area. She teaches courses on guiding and hospitality.
Áskell heiðar ÁsgeirssonÁskell Heiðar Ásgeirsson
Heiðar has an MA in tourism from Hólar University College and is known for his development and management of successful festivals and events across Iceland. He teaches courses primarily in the Event Management Diploma in the Department.
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