Ecology fun in Marseille, France

6 students and 2 staff from the Department of Aquaculture and Fish Biology were in Marseille last week for a 4-day conference on Ecology. The conference was organised by The French Society for Ecology and held in The Pharo palace just above Marseille´s old harbour. 

Palais du Pharo, Marseille.
Conference venue, Palais du Pharo, Marseille.

The program was dense with 9 concurrent sessions and very diverse. Past the classical topics on conservation, ecophysiology and behavioural and evolutionary ecology, an important focus was on restoration, urban ecology and agricultural ecology.

Holar was very well represented with 9 oral presentations spread in different sessions. All our students did a good job in presenting their research project at various stages of development. 
The presentations included:
Agnes-Katharina Kreiling: Invertebrate diversity in Icelandic freshwater springs.
Doriane Combot: Epibenthic macroinvertebrate diversity in relation to local ecology in groundwater-fed lava caves in North East Iceland.
Louise Vernier: The importance of egg size for variation in metabolism, growth and behaviour of individuals in a polymorphic fish.
Hildur Magnúsdóttir: Environmental and spatial effects on the determination of shell traits of the common whelk (Buccinum undatum L.).
Samantha Victoria Beck: The evolution of individual diversification: can egg size variation facilitate the rapid evolution of resource polymorphism in fishes?
Camille Leblanc: High number of small populations as a tool to study evolutionary and ecological processes of diversification: insight from Arctic charr in lava caves.
Coralie Delarue: Importance of plasticity for divergence of threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus) in the dynamic Lake Mývatn, Iceland.
Bjarni Kristófer Kristjánsson: The importance of ecology, evolution and development in shaping biodiversity of threespine stickleback: Long term monitoring in the dynamic Lake Mývatn, Iceland.
Christian Beuvard (poster):  The effect of temperature on growth performance and metabolism in juvenile Arctic charr, Salvelinus alpinus L.
The group from Hólar
Coralie Delarue, Samantha V. Beck, Hildur Magnúsdóttir, Bjarni K. Kristjánsson, Doriane Combot, Louise Vernier, Kera Kreiling and Camille Leblanc at the French Society for Ecology Conference. 


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