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Christian Beuvard

E-mail: christian (at)

Advisor: Dr. Helgi Thorarensen

Previous education:

M.Sc. in Animal Physiology. University of Brest - France

Background and research interests:

I was really interested to study and to understand the mechanisms of aquatic organisms and especially on fish. I studied at the University of Western Brittany in Brest, France. Under the direction of Professor Guy Claireaux, my master's project was to know the physiological aspects of environmental stress (temperature and oxygen saturation in water) in two fish species with high commercial interests, the bar, Dicentrarchus labrax and the turbot, Psetta maxima. These works was made with the collaboration of the french research center IFREMER (Brest - France).

Strongly interested in the study and understanding of the aquatic environment and particularly on the study of fish with an economic purpose as aquaculture, I had the opportunity, in 2012, to continue my studies by following a PhD program at the University of Iceland with Professor Helgi Thorarensen.


Michael Theron, Anne Bado-Nilles, Christian Beuvard, Morgane Danion, Mathieu Dussauze, Hélène Ollivier, Karine Pichavant-Rafini, Claire Quentel, Stéphane Le Floch: Chemical Dispersion of Crude Oil: Assessment of Physiological, Immune, and Antioxidant Systems in Juvenile Turbot (Scophthalmus maximus). Water Air and Soil Pollution 02/2014; 225(3):1887.


Hatchery international. Optimize your oxygen. November-December 2015. p.15. 

Aquafilia. French-speaking magazine of aquaculture. Arctic charr in Iceland, November- December 2014. 65: 7-10. 

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