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Australian Tourism Professor Visits Hólar University

Associate Professor Rosemary Black is currently a Visiting Professor in the School of Tourism Studies at Holar University. She is on a six month sabbatical and has just spent the past two months at The University of the Arctic on the Alta campus in Norway where she has been collaborating with researchers on a tour guiding project in Svalbard and writing journal papers based on previous research. She is based at Holar for two months and will collaborate with staff on research projects, contribute to teaching and continue her writing. 
Rosemary holds a PhD from Monash University in Melbourne and is Associate Professor in Interpretation and Ecotourism at Charles Sturt University based in Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia, on the east coast of Australia. "CSU like Holar is a regional university with a strong undergraduate distance learning program so there are opportunities for us all to learn from each other". "I am delighted to be at Holar and learn more about Artic tourism which is quite different from the Australian environment". 
Rosemary teaches and undertakes research in sustainable tourism, tour guiding, environmental communication and social dimensions of natural resource management. Before she entered academia she worked in protected area management, adventure travel and community conservation.  She has published six books and more than 60 refereed publications. Rosemary likes to do applied research that helps solve real world problems, with industry partners including protected area management, tourism agencies and community-based organizations. She has gained over A$500,000 of external research funding. Rosemary is on the editorial board of three international tourism journals. 
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