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Aquaculture Field Trip

Last week, teachers and technical staff from the department of Aquaculture and Fish Biology at Hólar University visited fish farms in the southern part of the Westfjords. 
The two-day visit started in Tálknafjörður where we visited the salmon aquaculture company Arctic Fish, one of the largest aquaculture companies in Iceland. Sigurvin Hreiðarsson, an alumni from HU‘s diploma program, led us through the recirculation station facilities. These state-of the art facilities, the only recirculation station in Iceland, produces several millions of Atlantic salmon smolts that are then raised in sea cages for two winters. Despite interesting weather, we were able to also visit sea cages in Patreksfjorður and visit the feeding barge that controls feeding and distributes feed to all 8 cages in this area. In addition to examining the facilities we discussed our program with company representatives,  in the context of fast evolving technologies in fish farming. 
The second day we visited Tungusilungur where about 80 tonnes of Arctic charr are produced per year. The family-run farm is also located in Tálknafjörður, near the larger companies producing Atlantic salmon. This small scale operation benefits from excellent water quality and a highly motivated and enthusiastic leader Ragnar Þ. Marinósson. All the fish raised in this farm originate from the Hólar Breeding program (bought as eggs or 5gr juveniles). Fish are exported intact or as filets,  or smoked for the Icelandic market. 
We would like to thank these two companies for welcoming us in the current special circumstances and for taking the time to discuss with us the specific needs and expectations regarding  education in the aquaculture sector. We look forward to further discussions with the aquaculture industry in Iceland. 
Camille Leblanc
Hólar staff and Arctic fish hosts.
Incoming water tanks at Arctic fish.
Ongrowing tanks of juvenile Atlantic salmon.
Off to the sea cages in Patreksfjörður.
Sea cage rearing of Altantic salmon and feeding barge in Patreksfjörður.
Tungusilungur settings in Tálknafjörður.
Ragnar Þ. Marinósson and Paul Debes.


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