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A new chapter from Jessica

Jessica Aquino of HU's Tourism Department authors a chapter in the just published book Neoolocalism and Tourism - Understanding a Global Movement. Jessica's co-author is Gudrun Kloes.
The chapter is titled "Neolocalism, Revitalisation and Rural Tourism Development" and takes an ethnographic approach to the study of neolocalism to describe how the community of Húnaþing vestra saw the potential to nurture a sense of place using their natural and cultural assets to enhance the local economy and community livelihoods.
The authors describe how certain community initiative projects have played an active role in fostering the local identity and distinctiveness of a community, and its use as a strategy for crafting authentic tourism experiences. They discuss examples spanning over 20 years (2000-2019) based on an accumulation of first-hand experiences and research by themselves who both live in Húnaþing vestra.
There is a need to further investigate neolocalism and craft production in rural tourism development, as it may give insights on how a community may feel empowered by telling the story of their connections to place, and how it may influence revitalization efforts and community resiliency.
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